2022: Q1 Recap — Laura Winter

Laura Winter
3 min readMar 25, 2022
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2022 has been a year of ups and downs already. Between power outages, appliance breakages, crafts/hobbies, and new baby prep, I’ve somehow found a way to get a lot of reading and writing done!

Life updates:

As you might have gathered, we’re preparing for a new baby in May! That means I’m trying to get all the things done — housework, baby room/house prep, writing, reading, etc — since I plan to go on a bit of a hiatus after she arrives. It’s been great some days, challenging on others. I’m taking lots of naps in the middle of the day, cramming in exercise, and trying to relax in the evenings with books and some new crafts and hobbies (I bought a beginners resin kit to just have some mindless fun). Here are a few highlights for you.

New Music:

  • Upgrade — TWIN XL & DREAMERS
  • Kamikaze — Chaz Cardigan
  • Hold My Breath — Paper Idol & ufo ufo
  • Chapstick — COIN

Favorite Reads:

You can always follow my updates on Goodreads, but here are the best reads of Q1.

  • House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J Maas
  • Daughter of Smoke & Bone (series) by Laini Taylor
  • The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni

Writing Updates:

Two exciting updates to ready you for the rest of the year…

Star Supernova, coming May 21

It’s coming, finally. I finished the draft of Supernova this quarter, including the first round of edits. The story is done, but I’ll have a few more passes at it before the release date. Because baby will likely be taking my time, there will be no Instagram Live or other release day parties. I’ve had to schedule posts ahead of time (I’m sorry!) because when I first scheduled this release date, I didn’t know about baby. Still, you’ll be getting a playlist and a ‘making of the project’ post in the next few months to get you excited.

Prequel title announcement, release date

For those who are dying for the next book in the Smoke and Shadows series, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little longer… but…

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