The Curse of Broken Shadows (Epic Fantasy) is now available

A look at my debut series and the superpowers that went into its creation

Need to get your character out of a bind? Here are some tips on writing escape scenes that are realistic and raise the stakes.

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Show Notes:

  • tools to help make your escape scenes more realistic
  • foreshadow
  • don’t let your escape come out of nowhere
  • have your character prepare for the escape
  • plant an object early on that will help them escape
  • make a quick reference to it (doesn’t…

Curious what Kindle Vella is? Listen to this podcast about Amazon’s new serialized storytelling platform.

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Show Notes:

Amazon’s new serialized platform — Kindle Vella

  • publish a story one episode (chapter) at a time
  • available on a browser and Kindle iOS
  • Authors — how are you taking advantage of this new reading platform?
  • unlock episodes using tokens — longer episodes require…

Get a little look at some of my newest stories

Available on Kindle Vella in July

New music and the long anticipated release of Kindle Vella

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June recap:

Yikes. I looked back to discover I only read two new books last month. However, I did re-read a few favorites as I (still) wait for the library hold times to not be so ridiculous. Hopefully I’ll find some new reads this month! …

If Found, Do Not Return is a love letter to adventure

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What does a sustainable creative practice look like?

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Show Notes:

Sustainable creative practices look different for everyone

  • create what works for you

go in with a beginner’s mindset — be open, curious, and explore the depths of your creativity

  • the more you do this, the more you release perfectionism, the easier this becomes
  • give yourself permission…

Wrapping up promises and giving satisfaction while setting up the next book

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Show Notes

How to end a book series

  • an ending delivers on the promises made in earlier books in the series, giving readers the satisfaction of a story ending
  • tie up loose ends that you introduced earlier

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