Did you get a fancy new notebook for Christmas but have yet to open it? Maybe you’re waiting for the right inspiration. Or you might be saving it for that…

What makes a reader interested in your book?

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We’re all guilty of judging a book by the cover. As authors, we appreciate the elements of design, the intrigue a good cover can create, and the story that it tells… up until we have to do it ourselves. It’s like we’ve forgotten everything that we need to do.

We have an idea but we need to confirm a few things before moving forward. Mastering your book cover is a critical step in the book development process — it’s the first thing a potential reader sees. Your cover gets them in the door. It tickles their curiosity, creates intrigue, and pulls them in to find out more. …

Looking to accomplish more in your day? Setting your priorities might help! These are three of the most important tasks that you want to accomplish.

Here’s the thing — they…

How collections and logs can help you hit your writing goals

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I’ve always struggled with planners. I never stuck with it long enough to actually get any benefit from the resource. My solution? A bullet journal.

While I’ve since discovered the perfect planner for me, the bujo has always been a consistent space for my writing. It’s an all in one resource to plan, schedule, write, capture, list, journal, habit track, and so much more.

I still have my bujo, and I’m using it a lot differently this year than I have in the past. …

Writers — are you looking to develop better habits? Focused on making this your writing year?

I’ve been testing habits ever since I started this full-time writing journey, figuring out…

Is this the year you finally get over your fear of the newsletter? There are a lot of tips out there for nonfiction newsletters, but what if you’re a fiction…

There are a million different ways to get ideas out of our heads, but what if you could use freewriting a little more deliberately?

Freewriting is a great tool to…

Want to publish your book but think you need a huge budget to get started? I’m a firm believer in rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, even if…

This is the year to finally make your goals happen

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So, you’ve made a goal to write more this year. You decided to dust off the keyboard and notebook and start something new. Or maybe you’ve made a goal to actually finish that book you started years ago.

The new year always brings a fresh mindset and a rejuvenated spirit to our goals. We start with incredible gusto, a desire to be better, and excitement that can’t be contained.

Inevitably, that momentum starts to fade. Before we know it, February hits and we’ve chucked our goals and resolutions out the window in favor of the comfort of certainty.

Writing is hard. If it wasn’t, everyone would do it and we wouldn’t be considered rare gems of creativity. A huge percentage of people fail at their yearly goals because they lack the willpower, they forget, or they are too lazy ( interested in some statistics?). …


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