A Look Inside: The Writer’s Mind

Laura Winter
4 min readSep 19, 2022
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Ever wondered what goes into my writing or what my books are like? I’ve gathered a few questions from social media to give you a look inside my writing mind.

What’s your favourite type of writing environment?

  • I love a space that has minimal distractions. Usually that means my office, because it’s my safe space. I’ve worked at coffee shops and libraries before but I just get better work done when I’m in a comfortable area!

What’s your favourite point of view to write from?

  • If you had asked me this when I first started writing, I would have said first person. However, nowadays my preference is definitely third person limited. That means I write from an outside point of view but stick to knowing a single character’s thoughts/motivations. That doesn’t mean I don’t switch from scene to scene or chapter to chapter.

What genre do you enjoy writing most?

  • Fantasy! I love adding an element of magic to all of my stories, and worldbuilding is a really exciting aspect to my stories.

What part of writing do you personally find the most challenging?

  • Starting. Whether that’s the entire book or a specific chapter, the first paragraph is always the toughest for me to get going. Even if I know what is happening, I definitely get caught up in perfectionism when it comes to starting with a blank page.

Do you prefer writing in silence or with a song/movie/TV show playing in the background?

  • I just wrote a blog post about this! Take a look at last week’s post.

Do you prefer to write with a pen and paper or using your electronics? If you prefer electronics, what’s your favourite app to use?

  • Depends. There is an element of pen and paper that I truly enjoy and will never let go of. Usually I do my outlines on paper and then do the actual writing on my computer. Scrivener is my go-to writing tool, but if I’m not at the house, I’ve been known to draft in my notes app and Google Docs.

How old were you roughly when you began to write?

  • This is my favorite question to answer… I was 26! Obviously, I’ve written before then (school), but never fiction. I’d always been afraid…
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