Creating Character Superpowers

A look at my debut series and the superpowers that went into its creation

Nate “Black Hole”

Umbrakinesis (shadow manipulation) — essentially, Nate can not only become a shadow, he can create and control them. It’s incredibly useful, and as the books continue, his skills grow. I won’t spoil anything about his ability, but I’ll tease this… Nate’s a very pure character, but shadows aren’t always associated with good things…

Clara / Finnley “Supernova”

Telekinesis / Telepathy — Based loosely off Scarlet Witch, Clara/Finnley’s powers are very much volatile. Known as the ‘Supernova’, she prefers the explosive nature of her telepathy superpower. Her confidence is a huge piece of her power as well, and as her story continues, that becomes more apparent in the things she can do.

Glitch (Oliver)

Teleportation — Glitch got his name because his power essentially looks like a video game glitch to anyone observing. That was an absolute blast to create, especially when he doesn’t have control of his power (Nate described it as having his insides twisted). As he learns his power, his strength grows to the point he can even make teleportation clones.


Light manipulation — What power do you give to the bright and bubbly match for Glitch? Light! Even more interesting is her direct opposite to Nate’s abilities, which makes for an interesting dynamic when they are fighting in close proximity.

Sub-characters in the Soul Trilogy

(without spoiling)
Ellie — healing
Jeanie & Madeline — limited omniscience
Marcus — electricity manipulation

Coming soon in the next trilogy

Astrological manipulation, invisibility, portal creation, flying, golem creation, mimicry, shapeshifting, and more!

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