How I Won NaNoWriMo 2020 in 9 Days

My motivation to win on a passion project and set a new personal record

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  1. 6,776 — I was actually disappointed despite my goal of writing 5K+ a day.
  2. 7,727 — a more respectable number.
  3. 7,208 — some chapters just don’t hit the same.
  4. 2,740 — woof. This was day 1 of a migraine.
  5. 5,086 — another migraine, but I drugged myself up at about 4:30AM and had a moment of clarity. I pushed myself in the first few hours knowing I’d crash later.
  6. 6 — yeah, I wrote just a single sentence. We were house hunting all morning and I came home emotionally exhausted. But I believe in streaks so I wrote my sentence.
  7. 3,379 — I was so distracted all day worried about the offer we made on a house… we didn’t get it.
  8. 7,255 — Finish line! I actually allowed myself to get distracted in the morning, declaring I’d cross the 50K mark on my book release day for a different series. I’m all about combining celebrations, but when I was just 866 words short at 9PM, I couldn’t let it go to waste. I wrote another chapter.

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