I’m definitely a plantser. I have a vague idea of the story, or sometimes scenes, but really no plot direction. I haven’t known the ending of my NaNo books yet. In fact, I’ve never started a book knowing the ending to any I’ve begun or finished writing.

I did a pre-NaNo after I discovered it last summer, just to see if I could do it (before I knew about Camp, though it was too late to participate). I had a vague idea of things that could happen in my head, an idea of what my characters were capable of, but nothing more — and absolutely no experience writing a novel before. Partial plan, felt like a pantser. Then, for NaNo, I wrote the sequel — which meant I had the characters — but I didn’t have a plot direction. I just kept typing until I found something! Came about 20K words in, just as I was giving up on ever stumbling across something that could keep the story going.

This NaNo, I’m much more prepared as I’m writing the third in that series (probably a trilogy, but I’m letting the momentum decide for me). Need to make sure I’m up to date on all the information that I’ll use in this book. I’m really excited!

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