Listen: What to Do After You Finish Writing Your Book

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You’ve done it! You’ve finished writing a book… now what? Let’s talk about the process after writing ‘The End’

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Confession: not celebrating often enough, writing hangover

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Podcast Notes:

What do you do after you finish writing your book? Here are some ideas:

  • Celebrate — something we don’t do often enough. Give yourself a pat on the back. Go out to dinner, order your favorite drink, eat all the chocolate. Seriously, you created something out of nothing. You took a single idea and turned it into an entire story. CELEBRATE your writing goals.
  • Let the book rest — take time away from your book. Let it breathe, and let yourself breathe as well. It will vary on how long you want to take away from the book, and there is no single answer, but make sure you clear your head. You want to make sure you come back to edits with a clear head.
  • Let yourself rest — maybe you need to take some time away from writing. Maybe that drained you and you need to recharge. Do whatever you need to do after you finish your book.
  • Write the next book (or something else) — Why not celebrate by writing the next book in the series? What about another project? We are writers, after all. Why not do what we do best? Besides, if you’re on a roll, you might as well keep it going.
  • Read something — I suggest staying in genre. Pick up a book and learn how someone else approached the tropes, plot, and story. Use that as research into how you might update your book or alter to fit the genre a little more.
  • Play around with cover designs — why not reward yourself with a mock cover? It doesn’t have to be perfect, but give your book some love with a temporary cover. It always looks more polished and gives you something to work toward. Plus, you can share it with your cover designer later and give them a head start into designing your cover.
  • Read it without editing — before we get into the fixing, give it a read from the 1000ft view. Look at what might be missing, where you rambled, or where you were a bit thin. Where did your writing shine? Get an idea of what you’ll be working with and refamiliarize yourself with the story.
  • Edit — plain and simple. I am not going into details about editing in this podcast, but use other resources online if you need. Go through it yourself before considering taking on a critique group, workshop, or professional editing. Make it the best you can make it and then hand it off to someone who can take it to the next level.

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